11 March 2019 – Bali – part 1

NOTE: not all pictures posted due to very poor internet. Part 2 will include more pix

A beautiful place with 4 million people, arts and crafts and don’t forget the volcano.

Then there is the song from South Pacific playing in my head after taking the ferry. We just aren’t able to see all of Bali in one day!

With that in mind, back touring and this post is mostly pictures. Off the ship very early driving through the streets to our first stop – jewelry making.

A stop at a family home. The buildings are built separate rooms and outdoors open air – NO AIR CONDITIONING – fortunately we air on the bus!

Next wood carving

Rice paddies along the way.

Four Seasons Hotel for lunch. An awesomely beautiful and tranquil place.

Next stop a temple and a palace in Ubud (major tourist place).

The Starbucks is a giveaway.

A place with so many people – yet, they are a people with big smiles and filled with gratitude to the Hindu Gods even if they have scary statues guarding their temples/palaces and they have cardiac- arrest-causing traffic.

We arrive back in the ship at 7 pm with a couple of tours still not back yet due to traffic.