9 – 10 March, 2019 – In the Timor Sea/Indian Ocean

As the ship sailed away yesterday from Darwin, there was an amazing storm with a lightning show to rival Sarasota. People were watching from their balconies and on the deck because it was absolutely mesmerizing. We actually realized we hadn’t seen a storm and lightning since leaving in January. Being in the tropics surely this is a common occurrence. God’s work!

Preparations have started for Bali and Vietnam ports. Turn in your passports, fill out the paperwork and the ship’s Purser’s office will handle your entry visas.

Of course, more lectures. I’ve been fascinated with Joseph Levine presentations. He is now speaking on World War I airplane pilots and their contribution to the war. Fascinating in that airplanes were still so new – the pilots were really the most daring and brave men. Think of the Red Barron chasing you!

It’s Sunday already and we will attend the Interdenominational worship service. Clocks have turned back another 30 minutes to catch up from the Darwin’s weird time zone. Tomorrow another hour back. Your brain says – “yay, another extra hour of sleep.” Yet, this morning waking up at 3:30 and feeling like I should get up – the body still needs to adjust.

Our exciting news yesterday……our tickets to Hong Kong Disneyland showed up in our room!

So we continue at sea on our way to Bali. Seas are calm, temperatures are pushing 90 degrees and the British are sitting in the sun cooking their skin by the pool. I think we’ll stay indoors and enjoy more lectures LOL.