8 March, 2019 – Darwin

Sunrise as we enter Darwin’s harbor.

Off the ship at 8:30 am because this place is in the tropics and HOT! 90 degrees going up to 104 degrees. Walk along the pathway off the ship to discover a few of the sights of Darwin.

Tunnels built in 1943 to protect the Navy oil reserves after the bombing by the Japanese.

If you didn’t see the movie Australia with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, its work a look. It leads up to the attack on Darwin Harbor in 1942. Basically, the city was destroyed and rebuilt. Then came Tropical Cyclone Tracy in 1974 which even destroyed buildings that survived the bombings of WW2. See the photographs below – that is after Tracy.

Today, we are seeking air conditioning and internet. Sitting in a food court of a mall, we still are having a hard time connecting to the City of Darwin Free wi-fi. Probably because of all the ship passengers disembarking and using the free wi-fi. I know it seems ridiculous to be on the other side of the world complaining about wi-fi. Really, it isn’t a matter of life or death – somehow we think it is. The need is only to update Steve’s computer. Downtown is The Mall – a pedestrian area with stores, galleries and coffee shops.

Walk to the post office next to mail some postcards and then to a Outdoor gear store. My little back pack from ABD tore so a new one is in order. With the exchange rate in our favor an Osprey pack is a bargain.

Interesting bird, woman walking and car in downtown Darwin and other sights.

Yep the Southern Cross Barber shop!

Okay it’s hot here time to work our way back towards the Darwin Waterfront area.

A craft fare, restaurants and air conditioning. The Fiddlers Green is perfect for us – Pub Food – complete with plates of food American style and USA pop music being played LOL.

Lots to do outside of Darwin too but not enough time when your ship only stops for a day.

Farewell Australia. Until we return in 202X?

P.S. temperature went up to 109! Sunset is beautiful.