11 March, 2019 – Bali – part two

We never quite understand why the ship’s satellite internet becomes so slow that loading one pictures takes 5 minutes of internet time. Maybe its when we move from sea to sea or get closer to the equator. I’m sure someone understands – it’s just we don’t. Steve suggests that the cruise line needs more revenue so we’ll end up buying more internet time to help them out. :-}

So continuing the Bali update….Bali is 90% Hindu Dharma religion which is unique to Bali. The signs mostly are in English which the Balinese language which is a bit difficult to pronounce and remember. This part two allows me to get the names of the places we visited.

The tour included visiting Singapadu village home, Parpen Jewelry, Werochana Woodcarvers in Mas, the Four Season Resort at Sayan, Puri Saren Agung Temple part of the Ubud Palace in downtown Ubud. I took so many pictures because everything is so different and fascinating. Only can upload so many. Here are the pictures missing from part one. Again, this is a place a single day is not enough. Enjoy!

Ubud temple/palace – love the power lines in these countries!

Crazy traffic everywhere – just a sample with policeman directing traffic corners even though there are traffic lights – they can’t handle all the traffic.

Dragon statues guarding one of the palace buildings. We are told this is brand new and under it is a parking garage for the royalty to park their cars.

Small fishing boats in the harbor among our sleek tourist boats.

Now, we are back at sea for three days on our way to Vietnam.