28 February, 2019 – Sydney Day 2

The Blue Mountains National Park is about a two hour drive from downtown Sydney. This National Park is 10,000 square kilometers so larger than the US Grand Canyon. In fact the area we visit is called the Grand Canyon of Australia – different from the real Grand Canyon.

First stop is Echo Point for a breathtaking view of the Three Sisters Rock formation, Mount Solitary (flat on the top) and overlooking the Jefferson Valley.

Next we take the Steepest train in the world, a 52% incline, part way down in to the valley to see where coal was mined until the 1930s.

We go back up on a giant cable car.

Finally we cross over the valley near a water fall (almost dry from the drought) in a Skywalk Way Cable car.

We did it all! Stunning views and picture perfect weather. There is a bluish haze in the mountains which reminds us of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Our final adventure is lunch at an older luxury resort in the town of Katoomba. This is where people come for their weekends away to enjoy hiking in the National Park or just enjoy the town and views.

A fun adventure for a day away from the city life. Although this morning’s sunrise with the opera house and the bridge was equally breathtaking.