27 February, 2019 – Sydney Day 1

The ship sails quietly in to the Sydney Harbor early this morning. A great view of the city, Opera House and Bridge.

The Queen Victoria will be anchoring today because the berth where we will be tomorrow is currently occupied by another cruise ship. That ship departs later today and QV will move to dock there. So we will be leaving the ship today by tender and returning after the opera by walking on board. In order to go ashore you must be able to jump a line on the floor that represents the gap between the boat and the tender – safety for those who might need help. We made it!.

The Opera is Turandot – the same one we saw 7 years ago when we stopped here on the world cruise. Outstanding to experience as a redeux since we missed it in Sarasota this season.

During the day we have to do a little supply shopping off ship this morning. Crazy construction in the downtown as they are building a team system up and down George Street and along the Quay. Hard to get good pictures of the Queen Victoria building. What a mess!

In to a Hilton Hotel restaurant for lunch and a stop at the Apple store (they all are the same thank goodness) to update our phones and iPads.

A few interesting sites as we walk around.

Art along the Quay walkway

Just before we head back to the ship we notice the Botanical Gardens are having a special showing of plants with a bite.

Back to the ship to ready ourselves for the Opera! Now back on the tender and at the Opera.

Tomorrow we are on an all day tour to the Blue Mountains about an hour or so outside of Sydney. The weather was great today – praying it will be tomorrow so we can see the “blue” in the air.