1-2 March, 2019 – Brisbane

Already March and a day at sea cruising the coastline of Australia before arriving in Brisbane. Whilst (a word used frequently on this ship) at sea yesterday we had some interesting lectures; new speakers boarded in Sydney. The most interesting was a dental forensic doctor, Judith Hinchliffe, who works at disaster and crime sites worldwide.

She worked at the Phuket, Thailand Tsunami disaster site. She explained the process used and noted only three ways people can be identified after a disaster: dental records, DNA and other fingerprints. Personal effects and picture don’t always make the difference. To explain why – she showed a group of pictures of Clint Eastwood and asked the audience to identify which one wasn’t him. We didn’t do it. Then she showed a picture of a person who looked just like Simon Cowell only it wasn’t. Then she just showed pictures of smiles of teeth and everyone was able to identify the person. Very interesting lecture!

And keep going to the dentist!

The entertainment last night was a rock band called Desperado. They only sing the Eagles’ songs. It was fantastic including the guitar riff in Hotel California. In the Blue Mountains, the hotel we had lunch at formerly called the same!

Our day in Brisbane is a rainy start when we dock at the major port area. They have had some damage due to a hurricane that hit last week. We can’t see it – maybe sand build up because of tidal surge? We do see some dredging equipment.

A 50 minute shuttle to the city that sits on a winding river. We are dropped off by the Anzac War Memorial.

We thought we would make a visit to the General Douglas MacArthur Museum – sorry closed on Saturday’s!

Walk down Edward Street to Queen Street Mall which with one Kilometer long with stores and indoor shopping malls. Lots of USA and British Stores – hey a Target.

A photo stop at the Treasury and the Commissariat where a statue of our ship’s namesake stands guard in front.

Follow the bike path to the Goodwill Pedestrian Bridge crossing the Brisbane River to the South Bank/Parklands area.

Lunch at one of the many restaurants along Little Stanley Street.

Then a walk along the river and see the Wheel of Brisbane, Peace garden and a Nepalese Pagoda left after the 1988 World Expo.

Cross the river again on the Victoria Bridge. A short rain shower like in Florida so now it is hot and humid. Another stop at the Old City Hall where the Brisbane Museum is located.

Brisbane is a lovely city with a free spirit character – certain the universities downtown helps. Easy to walk or bike and the weather is pretty much the same all year. Wish we had a little more time here.

Off we go again to sea, next port Airlie Beach.

The Lord makes a way in the sea, a path in the mighty waters. Isaiah 43:16