3 February 2019 – At sea

This morning I opened my email and found a lovely devotion for this Sunday.

“One of my favorite writers Glennon Doyle says that we should be careful not to make the mistake of comparing our whole lives to someone else’s “highlight reel.”

No matter how perfect someone else’s life may seem, the reality is messier for everyone — no exceptions. The truth is that no one’s life is perfect because perfection does not actually exist; and so our efforts at perfection are destined to fail, leaving us exhausted, defeated, and resentful of anyone who seems to have what we don’t.

God calls us to a life beyond perfection, rooted in the goodness of God’s grace.”

As people read this blog, it may seem like everything we are doing is perfect – a highlight reel. The blog is pretty much what we are creating. I’d like to make certain you understand – our life and life on a ship can be anything but perfect. First, I have a cold/sinus thing. No, I didn’t write about this as it is boring. Second, some people on this cruise are just oblivious and rude which can really amaze you and grate on your nerves at times. Third, as some of you know, Steve and I can get on each other’s nerves too! Picture small room, one bathroom, getting ready for a formal night – I’m certain you get the idea…..

So as we continue or blogging, just enjoy the pictures and the commentary as it is like a diary that when we get home we will make into a book. Then, our grandchildren will have something to look at when we are long gone 🙂