4 February, 2019 – At sea along California Coast

As the ship sails through the waters towards San Francisco, we pass Los Angeles on our starboard side, 110 miles away, just past Noon. The waters aren’t as deep here as they were further south – only 450 meters. The seas are rolling with swells of 15 feet.

Today is the last day of a cruise segment for 700 guests disembarking in San Francisco. Also, our room steward Jonash is being sent back to Housekeeping where he was working and was only temporarily filling in as a room steward. One of our servers in the dining room is also leaving us in San Francisco, returning to Serbia as her contract is up. Our Captain is also leaving us and the replacement is already on ship walking around readying for the transition in San Francisco. Life goes on.

As for us, two weeks today since we sailed from Ft. Lauderdale. Hardly seems like it.

San Francisco offers a two-day opportunity to load up on necessities from Walgreens, The Walking Company and digital reading materials. We won’t have time to shop in Honolulu so this is our final US shopping experience until Brooklyn in May. One thing to know about digital books, music and movies: Due to intellectual property rights, it’s next to impossible to purchase them after leaving the shores of the US. So, one has to plan ahead for extended cruises. And, even though you can download previously purchased digital content, Cunard charges an arm and a leg for data streaming, so it’s best to download purchased content while ashore in San Francisco and Honolulu. Starbucks, here we come!

Also looking forward tomorrow to phone calls to our family ❤️