1 – 2 February, 2019 – Cabo San Lucas

Our last day at sea is heading straight on along the coast of Mexico to Cabo San Lucas located at the tip of the Baja peninsula. The Pacific Ocean has been calm and the weather is beginning to cool as we head north – sunsets always beautiful.

I’ve started working out in the gym with Sergio, a tall physically developed personal trainer. He is kicking my butt! Walking the deck with Steve is one of my favorite exercises on the ship. My foot has a pulled tendon so it is too painful. Steve has been working the rowing and elliptical machines faithfully. So are we losing weight? — no, just not gaining.

Yesterday, I took a flower arranging class. About 20 people attended while two young men from the Philippines showed us how to do it. Even so, many of us (me included) needed help. How can something seem so simple and yet not be?

Today, our ship will be using dynamic positioning to hold the ship in place off shore as we will use tenders to go to shore. Since we aren’t taking a tour, we enjoy a leisurely morning. Of course, we turned the clock back one hour so we are up at 5 instead of 6 AM. We have two more sea days and one more hour back before San Francisco. A nice way to adjust to the time zone changes, every couple of days 🙂

Early arrival in Cabo, wow – lots of boats heading out to fish and our ship tenders prepare for the passengers to disembark. The weather is also cooler – 65 degrees this morning warming to 73. The rock formations are called “Land’s End.”

We take a ship tender boat into the main area of Cabo. Built with the tourist in mind. Street vendors for everything from a taxi, to boat trips, whale watching, t-shirt, hats, silver jewelry. Yes, it is Mexico with an American twist of capitalism. A walk along the harbor is quite pretty. Lunch a restaurant serving burgers, tacos and of course some beer. Walk back to the tender and on to the ship. While we do remember Cabo being touristy, it has really gone more upscale. We can see why people would come here on vacation for the mild temperature, beautiful water sports, sandy beaches and nightlife.

Coming back on the tender a woman asked us if we had seen all the interesting pelicans. She didn’t know we were from Florida……yep, seen pelicans before. Now when the ship leaves, we will watch for whales. The last trip we were lucky to see a couple in these beautiful waters and not much chance of seeing one in Florida!

Sailing the next two days to San Francisco.