25 January 2019 – At Sea

Yes, there are a lot of days at sea on this cruise and we blog many of them. How do we get exercise? The gym and walking the deck. Today it is calm. I found myself observing things that have changed since we’ve been on this ship. The quaint signs on the deck suggesting we be careful when the deck is wet. Then the new signs – some lawyer had to make sure for the people who have no common sense – more words and the signage does not look so quaint.

Tonight is the celebration of Robert Burns birthday. He was a farmer, tax collector and most importantly poet laureate of Scotland. The moderator of the evening celebration welcomed everyone to the event and then recited several of Burns’ poems from memory. The real celebration is when the chef’s bring in a dish of haggis and the moderator says a poem whilst cutting the haggis. More poems and toasts to the lassies and the laddies and of course to Robert Burns.

I’m also including the dinner menu from the evening – yes, haggis is on the menu – not for us!

And so what did he write? Well, Auld Lang Syne for one. Then, Steve researched and found one that mentions the sea. You are all in our thoughts as we hope we are in yours, fourth stanza from the “On the Seas Far Away” by Robert Burns.

Peace, thy olive wand extend,
    And bid wild war his ravage end,
    Man with brother man to meet,
    And as a brother kindly greet:
    Then may heaven with prosp’rous gales,
    Fill my sailor’s welcome sails,
    To my arms their charge convey–
    My dear lad that’s far away.
        On the seas and far away
        On stormy seas and far away;
        Nightly dreams, and thoughts by day,
        Are ay with him that’s far away.