24 January 2019 – Aruba

Beautiful Oranjestad, Aruba – a constant 82 degrees, cooling, breezy tradewinds. Arrive around 7 AM, have some breakfast and head off the ship to explore the city. The island is only 19 1/2 miles long and 6 miles wide, very much a dry climate so lots of cacti and aloe plants. Tourism primary economy along with some oil export. We’ve toured the island before and am amazed at how modernized the city center has become.

Of course there is the old building Fort Zoutman – built in 1796. The quaint Dutch buildings, very clean streets, a streetcar/trolley runs up and down the shopping district, air conditioners hanging on the side of the buildings – just a lovely place to vacation and still have the comforts of home – like Starbucks. Note the fans by the Starbucks signage – why don’t we have these in Florida – they rotate and are high-powered! Also, I have to try a pastechi – a hot pocket treat. A good morning off the ship, not too much sun and just in case we bought some Aruba Aloe. Back on the ship to read and relax – like vacation. I have cell service here so I am able to post a bunch of pictures….maybe not so much tomorrow at sea or in Cartagena, our next port.