4 May, 2019 – Last Day at sea

Reflections seem appropriate on this, the last day at sea before we abide on dry land for year. Of course, we don’t count the occasional trip on a boat around Sarasota Bay as ‘at sea.’ Your thoughts run around in your head – what do I need to ship home, what do I have to carry home, what do I still have to pack, and is there room for it? What is in the three months of unprocessed mail at home that should have been taken care of?! Yay, we will get to see our children and the grandchildren again! And talking on the phone again instead of only emailing, blogging and occasionally texting whilst looking out the window.

This trip has been amazing, no doubt about it. Of course we say that about almost every trip we take. We’ve been blogging for over 17 years. Different technological platforms, different blog names and sites and finally this blog – coming to an end. We name our cruise blogs by the ship and year so we isolate this type of trip from say, a 1 week or 2 week trip. Our other blog, http://www.amboomerwilltravel.wordpress.com will start up again in June when we head to Canada.

So why do we blog? It is a great way for us to remember, re-live and reflect on where and what we have done, and once learned and knew, when we can no longer experience it, or perhaps each other, first hand. It is also wonderful friends and family can join us on our travels, peering at the greatness of God’s world through our eyes. It certainly makes it much easier when we get together with friends, family and acquaintances to answer the question “How did you like your trip?” Or “What was your favorite place you visited?” We can simply provide them the blog website address so they can read all about our likes, dislikes and opinions, and view our pictures as well. Once we have taken a trip, we are on to planning the next adventure. Life is to be lived every moment!

See you in New York!