2 – 3 May, 2019 – At sea en route to New York

Still waking up early. 4:45 AM. Two more hours of, in ship-speak, “retarding the clock” before arriving in Red Hook/Brooklyn. I guess if we would go out at night on the ship and party we might sleep in. Yet, we both have colds so probably night a great idea.

The song on the Ship’s Navigation Channel makes me laugh this morning – Sheryl Crow’s singing “Everyday is a winding road.” The words should be changed to Everyday is Restless Sea! The winds did pickup last night and the seas are “moderate.” This means the ship is rocking and rolling enough for them to issue a cautionary warning to the passengers.

At the Captain’s World Club cocktail party last night, the well-traveled couple from the Queen Victoria were recognized for cruising 2,700 days with Cunard since the late 1990’s. We learned they have earth-bound homes in New York and Florida with Queen Victoria being their third home. Another lady has completed her 21st Cunard world cruise. Yes, there are people who virtually live on cruise ships.

The lectures continue. Margaret Gilmore, a former BBC news reporter is talking about terrorism incidents and spy stories. She is quite good. Also, Dr. Robert Thirsk, a US astronaut on the International Space Station, is quite informative about being an astronaut and about the space program in general. John Penycate will be talking about ‘The Demographic Time Bomb.” You know the one where all the baby-boom generation is retiring and other countries are spiraling out of control on population. Yesterday there was also a presenter who told us all about Jack the Ripper. Cheery lectures :-0

The seas are calming as the storm we were avoiding is now behind us. Still looks rough but the swells aren’t too bad. A beautiful shimmering sea greets us off our balcony just after lunch.

More pictures of the brass panel art – these are the seasons the other ones were the continents.

Most important is the Boston Silver Cup, presented to Samuel Cunard by the citizens of Boston after Sir Samuel completed the first transatlantic ocean voyage between the United Kingdom and Boston in July, 1840. The ship was the Britannia, an early steam ship. Wherever this Silver Cup resides is considered the flagship of the Cunard Line.

The morning temperatures are not warming. Only 46 degrees this morning while walking the deck. However, we’ve left the rainy weather and now it is beautiful and sunny.

All the sales at the ship’s stores start, clocks turned back an hour tonight and tomorrow and all lecturers are finishing up. The Book Club met today – quite interesting discussion. “Anything is Possible” was the book we discussed.

Tonight the last of the Gala evenings. Yes, Steve will wear his tux one more time and he claims he isn’t going to leave it on the ship like he did the last world cruise. I left a lot of my dresses and shoes on the last ship. A few more will be left on this one. The ship donates clothing/shoes to a charity.

We did as much packing as we could do without not having clothes to wear for Saturday. We are able to disembark in New York on Sunday morning at just after 8 AM. Getting ready!