1 April, 2019 – Crossing the Equator Again!

No, not an April Fool’s joke. Our ship crossed the equator into the Southern Hemisphere at 5:30 am this morning. And we seem to have lost the internet connectivity! Which is probably a good thing because this morning we began to feel we were in the movie Groundhog Day – SSDD [Same Stuff Different Day]. Sea days can do that to you. You run into the same people each sea day, doing the same thing at the same time, as routines collide and wrap around each other. When we start running into ourselves, we’ll know it’s time to change the routine.

Some funny cruise observations from the past several days.

A older gentleman is walking the deck with music blasting from his backpack – a Righteous Brothers song – and he is singing to it. Last week it was opera, so at least he’s contemporizing his playlist.

Another man walks the deck for at least two hours every morning with his headset on. How do I know he walks for two hours? Because I see him at 5:30 and again at 8:30 and he is still on the deck walking around while we’ve been to the gym, eaten breakfast and taken a quick walk on the deck. Now that’s dedication! Or is it a sea days/sea daze obsession?

The hoses have been deployed on the promenade deck, preparing for pirate activity. Two Security Officers are stationed towards the back of the promenade deck, with all of their high-tech gear, to watch and/or defend our precious lives from the neighborhood pirates. We did notice a few differences this time in our pirate preparations for the Indian Ocean vis-a-vis our 2012 passage – no empty beer kegs at the pointy end of the promenade deck (thrown overboard to “sweep” the waterline and damage the pirates’ boats), no concertina wire around the stern of open decks, no men in black armed standing guard with NATO weapons, no Commander of the Royal Navy walking about and making the passengers feel either safe or frightened to death.

People everywhere are reading books – hardcover. Does this mean their goal is to read all the books in the library? The most popular author based upon our Sherlockian observations – Clive Cussler. Escapism? From the escapism of a world cruise?

We enjoy a coffee every morning of sea days. Our barista knows us now and our orders. Are we living on this ship now and possibly never getting off?

The Zumba class is dwindling. Does this mean people are just spending their time reading books?

I met a person who has never gone to a lecture, surprised me, as they were as surprised we’ve never gone to any of the dances.

Our dinner last night was lovely. The food was Italian and the conversation was interesting. There were three ladies from Sarasota – one full-timer and the other two have homes in San Diego and New Jersey as well. We made a plan to get together on the Queen Mary 2 for dinner again. Sarasota lifestyle revolves around food!

Tonight we are meeting some other acquaintances for a drink. Mid-westerners – Naperville – not far from where we spent a large block of our lives. It is a small world.

The rest of the day will be spent at a port presentation about Reunion Island and another lecture by my favorite person, the Archeological Forensic expert. The subject matter today is “Under the Streets of London.” The lecturer has been involved in the preservation and research required when they are doing a dig somewhere and discover remains. As you can imagine, it has to be quite common in a city as old as London.

It’s now 9:30 pm, turning the clocks back an hour and visiting Port Victoria, Seychelles tomorrow – AND we have internet!