31 March, 2019 – At Sea middle of the Indian Ocean

Yesterday our ship sailed through the Maldives. As the Captain told us in our noon navigational update, look out the window or be on deck between 3:30 PM and 7:00 PM and you might be able to see some land with a palm tree barely visible on the horizon – the Maldives are very flat; think Kansas, think pancake. I looked and yes, I could see some land. Barely.

We are now somewhere in the Indian Ocean, a surprisingly calm ocean, on course for the Seychelles. The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean on our beautiful planet. It contains 20% of the water of planet earth and is the warmest ocean. From the Captain’s update today, we are 10,200 miles from Southampton and will be going over the Carlsberg Ridge, which meant nothing to me until I looked it up in the library. Our Earth is an amazing planet! Thanks be to God!

It is Sunday and we attended the church service and a couple of lectures. From a book I’m reading: “Paul told the Philippians to ‘keep on growing in your knowledge and understanding,’ and he reminded Timothy, ‘Kindle afresh the gift of God which is in you.’ We are working on it on this cruise.

Now more on the Neanderthals from our archeological forensic lecturer. If you are of European heritage, you can have up to 5% DNA from the Neanderthals and you might be prone to the following characteristics:

  • You face turns red when you work out or you tend to blush easily. (Not hot flashes!).
  • Rosacea
  • Arthritis
  • Type II Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Depression (gene switched on from interbreeding with Homo Sapiens)
  • A long jaw with a gap after your wisdom teeth
  • Larger eye sockets and larger blue eyes
  • Freckles and pale skin
  • Auburn-blonde-air

Probably sounds like some characteristics many of us may have. I guess proving the lecturer’s point.

Today is Mothering (Mother’s) Day in the United Kingdom. So the lecturer thought she’d talk about Mummies (ha ha) and what is being learned from doing medical scans of ancient mummies instead of destroying them by unwrapping. Strangely enough, back in the late 1800’s in Britain, they held’Unrolling of the Mummy” events. Barnum was a follower, not a leader in this regard.

The sample scans of the mummies showed everything from bones, skin, hair, jewelry and even sometimes organs and weapons still in the body because they weren’t removed. What they have learned is that many Egyptians had terrible teeth because of the bread they ate had sand and grit in it causing tooth decay and destruction. There was even one mummy with a bridge made of gold wire! It was incredible dental work, so many years ago. Steve’s Sarasota Hindu dentist could not hold a candle to this Egyptian master.

This evening we are having dinner with two new friends we met via a Sarasota Opera connection. Kind of a Sarasota gathering of sorts, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. We love Sarasota; we love this ocean.

Here’s a couple of Neanderthals.