25 March 2019 – Port Kelang

In Malaysia there are four sea ports in to the country with Port Kelang being the largest. This is where our ship docks for all tours especially if you want to explore Kuala Lumpur. We were here in 2012.

Our tour today is to the Batu Caves – a Hindu temple site. Rather than describe all the details about the various Hindu deities located in the caves – just know these facts and google Batu Caves for more details.

Standing at 140 ft high, the world’s tallest statue of Murugan painted with 300 liters of gold paint is outside the Batu Caves and the 272 steps you must climb to get in to the cave. Once inside there are various statues and another two temples. Pictures tell the story including monkeys and pigeons who call this cave area home.

Now leaving the Hindu deities behind and going to the famous Royal Selangor pewter manufacturing factory. Malaysia was the number one tin producer in the world in the early 1900’s. A Chinese man – Yong Koon – started making pewter objects and selling them in 1858. His descendants still run the business. We are given a tour of their process and then given an opportunity to make our own in the School of Hard Knocks. Fun experience.

Look what we made!

Overall much better day then driving around the city. Now back on the ship and sailing away for 3 days to Sri Lanka.