18 March, 2019 – Hong Kong Disneyland

Arrived early in Hong Kong and our ship has the best pier–connected to the Harbor City Mall which connects to the Ocean Center Mall. The weather is a little overcast; by afternoon the sun is out and it has warmed up.

Our ride picks us up at 9:30 am and drives us to Hong Kong Disneyland. We arranged this ahead as a special treat tour just for us. Our guide even walks us into the park and gives us tips (little does he know how experienced we are!).

HK Disneyland is similar to California in that everything is close to walk to due to the available land. When we arrive just before the park opens there are few crowds. Unfortunately the castle is under construction, the Lion King show and Train weren’t running. Yet, by the afternoon when I am writing this blog entry, the crowds have arrived in certain areas. Mostly Fantasyland and Tomorrowland where the smaller children can enjoy Star Wars characters and princesses like Mauna. The Iron Man ride is like Star Tours. There is a Mystic Manor – a take off on Haunted Mansion. There is Toy Story Land with a very miniature slinky dog ride. A Thunder Mountain that is not as high but goes backwards and then the Jungle Cruise – multiple language choice but even English sounds quite foreign. Plus they drive the river boats as if they were speed boats. Very funny!

Lunch at the Royal Banquet Hall – think a Be Our Guest wanna be.

So much more to say and not enough Wi-Fi time. We are being picked up to go back to the ship for the World Cruise Gala tonight at the Ocean Park Marriott in Aberdeen.

We really enjoyed our time at HK Disneyland. Hope the next time the Castle will be in view! Tomorrow more exploration in the city.