16 March, 2019 – Nha Trang, Vietnam

While Saigon aka Ho Chi Minh City was on commercialized steroids with it’s 10 million people, Nha Trang is under 1 million people is a fishing and tourist/resort town with a 7 kilometer beach and many hotels on the road that runs in front of the beach, other islands with resorts connected by a cable car and fast boats with a background of mountains. Both cities have a haze in the air due to all the motor scooters creating pollution – apparently no EPA here. Also, another cruise ship is in town so it is very crowded at all the sights we go to. Steve didn’t feel well so off I went to snap photos.

There are quite a few historical sites which the tour visited. The French Cathedral called the Stone Church by the locals it beautiful sitting up on the hill.

Next stop is the Buddhist Temple. Built in the 1800’s with a giant Buddha now sitting on the hill top above built in 1964 although it looks newer so not sure on the date. There were 100 steps up to the Buddha. Great views of the city from up there.

After Buddhist temple, we go back in time to the Champa period – Hindu Temple. Again, very crowded and good views from the top.

Sellers of fresh fruit. Covering up their skin – always covering up their skin. Our guide says Vietnamese are afraid of the sun. LOL

The best was at the Buddhist temple with motorcycles driving right where people walk. Check out this coverup outfit.

Of course, there is always opportunity for shopping. The first stop is at a market – looks a lot like RED BARN in Bradenton.

Then we stopped at a Silk Embroidery place. Beautiful pieces of work. This form of art was brought to Vietnam by a woman who visited France. She loved it so came back and improved on the art. They only use French threads.

Last stop was their version of Mote Marine. Of course, they featured the Lion Fish – đŸ˜± The rows of samples in jars was quite unique.

I have many more pictures – the internet is just too poor to post more from the ship. We spent a day at Sea and now we are pulling into Hong Kong harbor – internet land.