3 March, 2019 – At Sea to Whitsunday Island

A quiet day at sea attending Sunday worship service, lectures and continuing reading. Sounds almost like a Sarasota in season. Next stop is on Whitsunday Island at Airlie Beach accessible to the Great Barrier Reef.

Worship this morning led by the Captain. He suggested we sing the hymns really loud and with gusto to help get rid of the rain and bring out the sun. “I Vow To Thee, My Country,” “Guide Me O Great Redeemer” and “Lead Us Heavenly Father, Lead Us” are definitely sung loudly by those that know the tune! By 2 PM, the sun is out.

Then to the lecture by the Dental Forensic Doctor who presented the Ted Bundy story and how one of the main pieces of evidence against him were bite marks. He was defending himself and yet had nothing to say about this convicting piece of evidence!

Next presentation is about an upcoming port (March 8) – Darwin. Tropical, multicultural and only port in the Northern Territory and closer to the capitals of 5 other countries than to Australia’s capital. Destroyed in WW2 and rebuilt and then destroyed by a Typhoon/Cyclone called Tracy in1974 and rebuilt again.

Tonight is gala night which means Steve will be wearing his tux and I’ll be trying to figure out what I’m going to wear all the way up to the last minute!