28 January, 2019 – At Sea

Today the ship is sailing towards Costa Rica and plans to dock at 3:00 AM during “slack tide,” when the tidal current is at its lowest between high and low tides. A quiet day on ship in the Pacific Ocean, rather calm. At noon the Captain tells us we are in water 3,160 meters deep. Skimmer birds are following the ship, most likely to take advantage of the churning up of fish, on which they can more easily feed.

Today’s Jane Corbin insight lecture is about “The New Cold War: Spies, Poisons and Nukes.” Interesting details about the ex-Russian spy living in Salisbury, UK who was poisoned last year. Some video and back story.

Every day there is a brain teaser available in the library. You could really believe you are quite ignorant because many of the questions relate to the U.K. So there is almost no way one can know these answers without changing their nationality!

No pictures today, except of our wonderful room steward – Jonash. He is from Manila and quite friendly and likes to chat. Does a good job in our room too!

Now, off to the evening entertainment; a “Rat Pack” musical review followed by a pops-and-classical piano concert. Since we set our clocks back an hour tonight, anything to keep us awake for an extra hour is welcome!