14 March, 2019 – At Sea to Phu My

This morning we are up early (5:15 AM) and head up to the Lido area where we use our iPads while drinking some coffee to wake up. We hear some men yelling and shouting. It turns out there is a soccer game/football match on TV and a few men are in the Winter Garden area watching and ‘enjoying’ the game. The Brits are definitely dedicated to their sports teams!

I meant to post the inside of the recycling church in yesterday’s post. Absolutely a creative team imagined this competition entry! I love the soda cans as the choir!

Those of us who boarded Queen Victoria in Ft. Lauderdale have cruised just pass our half way point to Southampton. We noticed on the ship yesterday that people are becoming a bit cranky. A man stood telling a receptionist at the Purser’s desk for 10 minutes (while I was waiting in line) how the dance instructors should be teaching the dances. He was quite upset about it – really. He went on and on about specifically how they should be doing it.

Then at lunch a Spanish interpreter was helping a couple at a table across from us and next to another table. A woman at the other table turned around and said would you please be quiet you are disturbing me. When the interpreter said I’m sorry but all we are doing is talking. The other woman turned around and yelled at her – yikes! Really this cruise is not stressful at all but some people must be missing their stress so they create drama and something to complain about.

Beautiful artwork everywhere – what’s to complain about?

Our visit to the Bridge is the best of the tour! This ship is amazing with all its technology to steer, hover, turn about and keep us safely sailing around this amazing blue orb.

The answer to what that Navy ship was last night – Indonesia’s, anchored until we were underway. We also couldn’t understand why it took so long. Well, the medical evacuation did not go smoothly because when the medical ship arrived they didn’t have all the medical equipment that was needed to safely remove the person….so they had to go back and get it – yikes!

This morning we are pulling into the port of Phu My not Chan My which I might have said in another blog post – Either way – it’s a visit to Vietnam!

By the way – Happy Pi Day and Happy Anniversary to our daughter and her husband! Steve work his Pi ti in their honor to dinner 🙂