20-21 February, 2019 At sea on the way to New Zealand

The couple of days at sea before we are just arriving (February 22) in Tauranga, New Zealand. The first of three ports on the northern island of New Zealand that our ship will dock for a day each. Posting later about Tauranga. 🙂

Meanwhile our two days at sea, spent reflecting on being gone one month and reading books that cause reflection! Then there are other activities – Zumba class (just observers), a latte in the coffee shop (where they have a sign on every table with a city and drink), watch a movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” and then attend a concert by a choir created from members traveling on the ship – over 100. And of course, lectures LOL

The crew picture – nice to see them as they walk around the ship during the day. We met the head of the Hotel department. He explained that they ship all their supplies from the U.K. These containers are drop shipped to various ports along the way. Next one we catch up with for toilet paper and bottled water, liquor, etc. will be in Auckland.

Lastly, we get to enjoy a small art gallery that has changes to the art regularly and has lectures on the various artists. These art pieces were especially interesting to me.